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Do you remember as a child the fun of receiving a favor bag at birthday parties? Bella Bags aim to recreate that same feeling of surprise and delight for the adult you. Cassie & Bella

About Bella Bags


Bella Bags aims to help women facing serious health and situational hardships rediscover their confidence, strength, and beauty for improved emotional and physical healing.  


We accomplish this through the donation of "Bella Bags" -- goody bags filled with uplifting surprises and clean-ingredient self-care product samples that are carefully curated from small businesses and lesser-known brands. Through this approach, Bella Bags in parallel works to support small business owners by helping to expand their reach and increase awareness. 

Our ability to donate Bella Bags is dependent on YOU! For every Bella Bag purchased for yourself or someone else, a special one is donated to a woman in need of a smile. Bella Bags are the beautiful way to give...and receive! 


When it comes to self-care products, hospitals and shelters are rarely able to provide beyond the bare necessities (tissue, comb, generic soap). Extended stays in these environments are difficult for a variety of reasons, but feeling neglected from a wellness perspective shouldn't be one of them. Bella Bags work to fill this gap, providing samples of self-care products that are intended to increase a sense of well-being from the outside in, and inside out.

Feeling good about ourselves elevates emotional well-being, which in turn can improve prognosis of physical ailments.


Why women, specifically? Research has shown that women are particularly susceptible to depression, and extended hospital or shelter stays can be a breeding ground for negative feelings. Bella Bags aims to help improve womens' emotional well-being through products that foster feelings of confidence, strength, and beauty. 

The Inspiration

The idea for Bella Bags was born following my own experience staying five days in a hospital for a malignant pleural effusion. After nearly a week in bed and without a shower, I found myself feeling irritable, degenerate, and self-conscious. 


One day, my husband Steve brought me a bottle of blue nail polish. The simple act of painting my nails a bright color instantly brightened my mood. I was once again motivated to focus on healing.

In Italian, Bella means beautiful, and Bella Bags help women to feel just that. It also so happens to be the name of our Pekingese dog, who helped me through some of the more difficult days of recovery.

Now, we're giving back by helping women in need to rediscover their inner glow.


Cassie & Bella

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