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34.95, one-time payment. 

Bella Bags are full of 6 - 8 clean-ingredient samples and uplifting lifestyle surprises curated from women-led small businesses. 

Bella Bags arrive beautifully wrapped and packaged, so you don't have to worry about anything except the smile on your recipient's face!

For each Bella Bag purchased, a special Bella Bag is donated to a woman undergoing cancer treatment, facing long-term hospitalization, experiencing temporary homelessness, or fighting other challenges.

Inside each Bella Bag is a card explains to your gift recipient all the GOOD that was made possible from the purchase.

Local purchases (within 10 miles of Springfield city limits) will be dropped off (FREE of charge) to the address provided during the day on February 13. All other purchases ship FREE on February 7th.

Goodies from previous Bella Bags: 

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